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    Default Consolle Wowza 3

    I installed the trial of Wowza 3. It seems that everything is working fine. I'm tempted to buy the perpetual license. But there are some things you do not understand. I come from a use of Adobe FMS where there is a console for managing the server through the console in flash. In Wowza how do I get into the console to check the number of connected users, server performance etc.. ?

    How can I improve the quality of the video?

    In addition, there is a way to limit the number of users connected?

    Where can I find a tutorial to work with Wowza CloudFront?

    Thank you.

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    You can improve the video quality by upping the bitrate of the video either from the live encoder if the stream is live or the encoding of the video file for on demand applications.
    A hard limit of connected users can be set in the VHosts.xml which limits the connections for the entire VHost and is NOT on a per application basis.

    You can get server information by going to this url:

    Server performance can be improved by tuning the server to the hardware available.
    You can find a tuning guide here,


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    If you're looking for a GUI to help you configure, manage and view statistics feel free to take a look at our showcase right here in the Wowza forums.
    We also offer a FREE 5 day trial of the Control-Z Tool product.

    Here's the link,

    If you have any questions about any of our products please do not hesitate to contact us though our Contacts page,

    BonzaWare Staff

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