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Thread: I am looking for a way to put ID3 tags in my streams, can't figure it out

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    Default I am looking for a way to put ID3 tags in my streams, can't figure it out


    I want to insert ID3 tags every 10 seconds into my streams, I am using this technique to sync a "remaining time" countdown on the client side. I am using this method so buffering time is taken into consideration.

    I am following this tutorial:

    To send metaData, I found two tutorials:

    I am trying a more straight forward approach. I have only Cupertino Streaming in the project so ID3 tags is all I need for text events.

    In one of the links above, I found an example that uses ID3Frames.put in order to put an ID3 tag in a chunk.

    How do I use this method outside the context of onFillChunkDataPacket?

    I simply want some code to initiate injecting an ID3 tag into a given stream.

    Many thanks!

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    Unfortunately it's not as simple as it sounds, you'll have to create an OnTextData even and then look for it in order to add new metadata/tags.
    I may be wrong but I don't think that adding a cuepoint to inject metadata will work as its looking for the OnTextData event.

    If you need help you may have to get some consulting help on this matter as it can't be handled by Wowza's support team in any depth.
    A thread can be submitted in the "Find a consultant" forum which has recently been created to help users find developers for custom code and modules,


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    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for the help. I followed your advice and followed the tutorial here strictly:
    How to convert OnTextData events in a live or vod stream to timed events (ID3 tags) in an Apple HTTP stream

    Now I am having troubles injecting "data packets" in order to trigger the code from the tutorial above.
    I tried using both methods ("setCaption" and "injectMetaData") in:
    How to inject cuepoints or metadata

    Neither one seems to trigger this code.

    I did use these code snippets from my own code.

    My question is, to trigger the onFillChunkDataPacket method, what code do I use? and can I use it anywhere or only in a specific place?


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    This article should bring it all together:

    There is AS3 example that shows the essentials of an RTMP client that would use to inject. You might extend the Wowza live FlashRTMPPlayer example so that are playing the stream you are adding captions to.


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