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Thread: Playback API not working

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    Default Playback API not working

    I have setup Wowza ( 3.5 ) for doing Live TV streaming. Also I have configured wowza nDVR addon which is successfully recording TV shows.
    Windowduration has been set to 24 hrs. So users are now able to watch content of previous 24 hrs by dragging progress bar of the player back.

    I have also configured recording API as per I am able to record and playback streams using this guide.

    Now I want to add ability of EPG based playback. Idea is to pass program start time and duration of the program as query parameters to the recorded stream.
    I have followed guide at I have configured Application.xml to include properties ( name:value) :, dvrPlaylistDurationQueryParameter: wowzadvrplaylistduration,dvrPlaylistStartQueryParameter:wowzadvrplayliststart as specified in guide.

    I tried to pass parameters as specified in the guide however always live stream is played if I try to access currently running stream. If I pass these parameters to already recorded stream then The playback starts from the beginning of recording. I have tried various permutations combinations on different devices (PC(OSMF), iPad (iOS) ) but the behavior remains same.

    I am now running out of ideas and this has become show stopper for us to start the service. Please guide.
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