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Thread: Choppy Video When Stream Begins

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    Default Choppy Video When Stream Begins

    I'm looking at potentially moving traffic over from my existing FMS severs but still have a few issues to resolve. One problem that I'm dealing with is that it seems that during the first 5-10 minutes or so of a live stream's broadcast, it's quite choppy. After that it seems to settle down and smooth out. I don't have this problem on FMS. I'm using the same two client apps to serve the video and view it. I can switch back and forth between the two servers and I still have the issue on the Wowza server, then works perfectly on FMS. This is on my internal network and I have plenty of bandwidth.

    I'm using the H.264 encoder (main 3.1) in the Flash player 640x480 quality=90, 10fps, keyframes=10. I have a one second buffer on the client side.

    Again, I've been using this configuration and these apps for over a year on FMS (basically once they supported H.264 encoding in the player) with no issue, but trying to move to Wowza, it's quite choppy.

    Any suggestions please?

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    What do your Java Collection options in the setenv file look like? Is this a stock config, or have you done some performance tuning? If so, what options did you opt to use?



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    Funny you mention that which I was going to ask in another post. The deployment is currently stock (set up as installed for development). So I started to go through the performance tuning article and when I make changes to the setenv.bat the server crashes when I try to restart it. It doesn't seem to like either changes from step 2 or 3 of the article. It's a Windows machine running 64bit with 4GB RAM. The 64 bit version of Java is installed.

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