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Thread: issue with VOD playback

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    Exclamation issue with VOD playback

    When the live event is over, the wowza server uploads the recording to the S3 and sets the required data in the database. But when I click "Watch" on the finished event, I don't get a player in the dialog box. So, when an event is scheduled in the web app, the watch link comes live at the start time of the scheduled event. When I click on 'Watch' during the event, I am able to pull the live stream. After the live event is finished, the 'Watch' link brings up a window that says 'Stream Not Found' and there is no player in the page.

    Please help me if you are aware of this issue.


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    Can you play sample.mp4 which ships with Wowza?

    I'm assuming that you are using a "live-record" application and are struggling to play the recorded files though a front-end management system?
    If you can manually play the recorded files using a On Demand applications then I'm afraid you'll have to figure out the front-end system problem by yourself.


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