we are facing a very strange issue.

We are publishing a stream to the wowza 3.5.2. everything is working fine but after a few hour we experience that the silverlight show us its playing the highest bitrate but the quality is terrible. we have 5 bitrates streams, if we check the different bitrates stream one by one the stream quality is ok. If re-publish the stream there is no problem for a few hours then its coming again. If we restart wowza no problem for a while then the problems come again.

Player correctly switched bitrates, I see this in network console of the browser
The size of chunks with correct names is incorrect. It's far less than needed
If I try get the separate stream directly, I see the correct video with correct quality
If we republish stream or restart wowza, adaptive streaming is OK again
We have problems with SL adaptive streaming We tried with different silverlight players and the same.

Hav you got any idea?