Could you please say is is possible to use Players that are situated inside [wowza-root]\examples\LiveVideoStreaming\ to access via HTTP?

Right now I have next situation:

1. Wowza is installed on Windows localhost in dir [C:\Wowza\3.5\]

2. Java application is working on localhost. It makes a screenshot every second in real time, encodes it and sent as VIDEO-stream to Wowza with this parameters:
3. All necessary folders and files in [wowza-root]/conf and [wowza-root]/applications are created.

4. When I manually open [wowza-root]\examples\LiveVideoStreaming\FlashRTMPPlayer\player.html and enter values:
Server: rtmp://localhost/screenshare
Stream: ss
And click connect - I got my screenshare live-stream without any problem.

The same is working for FlashHTTPPlayer, but I need to enter:
Stream: http://localhost:1935/screenshare/ss/manifest.f4m"
and click "Connect

My aim: to generate inside Swing-app direct link to player where correct stream is playing via message like: "Please send link to any person interested in your screen: httl://localhos/FlashRTMPPlayer&link=rtmp://localhost:1935/screenshare/ss/manifest". So anyone who enters this link in browser just will see working live stream, without need to click any buttons. Because different users can generate streams with different IDs this URL to stream really should be dynamic (that is why I can't use solution from "How to use the Adobe Flash Media Playback player with Wowza Media Server" - in the embedded player this URL is static)

So the questions:
1. Is it possible to access to players in [wowza-root]/example folder via HTTP on running Wowza-server?
2. Is it possible to somehow pass correct URL to player in request string?
3. Any other options?

Thank you very much