Hi all-

A disclaimer -- I'm completely new to this sort of thing -- I work at a school and inherited our Wowza server from the person who purchased it and who subsequently left, so I'm trying to make it useful for our organization, but have basically no training with servers, networking etc.

Here's what I want to do - I've successfully set up on demand streaming if I paste a rtsp link directly into VLC media player or Windows Media player. What I would like to do is enable "one-click" streaming from our school's Google Site. I don't really care what happens when the link is clicked -- whether the video gets played in-browser via flash or silverlight, or whether it launches some external application like VLC or WMP to play the stream. But I can't figure out if this is possible with my setup. The server is on an internal network, and I'd like the links to be on a Google site. As of now, I'd have to have people copy-and-paste the link, but that isn't very convenient.

Thanks in advance for any help!