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Thread: Dropping audio when recording a live stream

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    Default Dropping audio when recording a live stream

    We have a Flash client sending an H.264 (w/Speex) encoded stream to a Wowza 3.5.1 server. At the server the StreamType is "live-record" and we are saving the file as an mp4.

    The live stream is fine, and if we don't save as mp4, the resulting flv file contains audio, but when saving as an mp4, it drops the audio stream.

    I have followed the instructions contained in this thread:
    however, the transcoded file still does not contain an audio stream.

    I've read in the comments and elsewhere on the web, that there are patches for earlier versions of Wowza. Are these patches still required for 3.5.1?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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    Speex can't be written into a .mp4 container, its not supported (you'll have to use AAC or mp3).
    When you play the live stream that's being transcoded can you confirm that you are using AAC/mp3 as the audio.


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