Hello forum,

With the nifty new LiveStreamRecord module in 3.5, is it possible to specify a default custom record path? When users are going in to the UI some are forgetting to check the 'Custom Output Path and File Name' enable button to specify our recording drive. Much like the older versions of the plugin I have a URI I can have them use with the proper path in place, but it would be awesome if I could also force the application to always record to a specific location.

I was able to at least get the recordings on the correct drive by moving the content directory to our recording drive and pointing the conf file there. But now a user could go in and delete the .stream files (if they have permission) thus borking up the server.

Ideal solution would be a way to specify a default custom output path on a per-application basis so I can have the videos always dump to a specific directory no matter what, with the option to override just as I do now. Possible?