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Thread: Keep specific time range when cleaning the DVR storage

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    Question Keep specific time range when cleaning the DVR storage

    I have a stream recorded constantly via nDVR. Generally old recordings need to be deleted, and nDVR windowDuration works perfect for that. But sometimes I wish to keep recordings within a certain time range, so that they are not affected by that window, but everything else outside the window gets deleted as usual.

    How should I do this?

    I suppose I can turn off the windowDuration option and keep my own timer instead, and then regularly call IDvrStreamManager.purgeManifestEntries(stream, range) with a manually calculated range, leaving out the specific moments I wanted to keep. Perhaps there is a different way?

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    That API should not be called to purge bits and pieces out of the DVR, that would delete everything before those bits. The DVR is not designed that way.

    Perhaps you can also use HTTPLiveStreamRecord


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    Hi Richard.
    Is there any articles that describes this approach of using both nDVR + HTTPLiveStreamRecord.
    There is a lot of information how to play specific range from nDVR recording using wowzadvrplayliststart & wowzadvrplaylistduration from nDVR Playlist API.
    And on a client side playback is implemented in StrobeMediaPlayback and OSMF so there are no problems.

    But if we do recording using HTTPLiveStreamRecord and these recordings are split up in segments, how can we play specific range from these recordings if this range includes several segments?


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    The only way to do that for vod streaming only works in Flash RTMP:

    Otherwise you have to stitch them together with an encoder.

    vod playlist for HTTP clients is a future features, but I don't have a time frame.


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