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Thread: live streaming on Android

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    Exclamation live streaming on Android

    I have license for the WOWZA media server LIVE on my web site
    My question is
    How can I make my application on Android for the live broadcast?


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    Im traing the same but with live playlist and jwplayer .
    With iOS and the rest except android, go fine.
    1) jwplayer no go with rtsp protocole(protocole of android) only with rtmp and http protocoles.
    2) Firth solucion, the client of android install an application (player) with rtmp protoicole.
    3) Im traing the 3 solucion ...........
    4) I must look the solution with FLVPlayer or others players.
    We must wait to the forum answer......

    Kin regards: Manyblue

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    This problem isn't unique to Wowza. Android's video support keeps changing:

    Best solution that I've found: use JW Player to deliver Flash with HLS fallback (or deliver HLS with Flash fallback if you prefer), and also provide a direct RTSP hyperlink if that works better for older Android devices (somewhere around 2.3, RTSP support began to change, it seems). Use PHP or Javascript to detect the "Android" user agent and version number if you want to hide that RTSP link and message from other users.

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    Are you asking about devices in which flash support has been removed? If not, Can't you simply wrap it up in an html flash player? Just provide them with the url of your flash player?

    Best wishes

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