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Thread: Newbie problem: having difficulty letting others connect to my VOD.

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    Default Newbie problem: having difficulty letting others connect to my VOD.

    Hello there!

    I went through the first few of the tutorials on how to set up web playback of videos, and while my website works and serves videos on-demand properly when *I* access it, it doesn't work for other people.

    I used the OSMF at, clicked yes on "Are you using HTTP Streaming..." and inputted the Video Source URL as given here, though obviously I added my IP address, and under Advanced I chose "Recorded."

    (I got my IP address by typing ipconfig into the command prompt, and I assume/hope my IP address is the "IPv4 Address.")

    I then clicked Preview and copied the generated HTML code into my website. When *I* use the player on my website, it works fine. It just doesn't work for anyone else.

    I went here:

    and saw that there are some ports I should open. I added rules to my firewall to allow both inbound and outbound connections through
    TCP 1935, 8084-8086 and UDP 6970-9999. This, however....causes playback on my end to stop working.

    Either with or without the firewall rule though, the app here tells me that port 1935 is closed. In fact, even when I completely turn off Windows Firewall the tool tells me
    port 1935 is closed.

    Still not having any luck. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    Your Wowza server is probably attached to a router, in which case you need to "port-forward" port 1935 (and any other port you are using) in your router to the server running Wowza. The website has guidance for many different routers.

    And you are getting your IP from the wrong place. ipconfig will only tell you the ip4address of that computer, but you really need to know the public IP that your router is using. Go to and look at "Your IP address" at the top of the page. That is the IP you want to use in your player.


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