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Thread: Need help with remote shared object please

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    Default Need help with remote shared object please

    Forgive my ignorance. I'm very new at this.
    I am attempting to update a remote shared object when a client closes his/her browser. The shared object does work well from flash(as long as the client is connected).
    I'm sure this can be done by modifying the server side application onDisconnect() but I am at a total loss. The slots created are using the client id upon connect.
    The disconnect currently looks like this:

    public void onDisconnect(IClient client) {, "Disconnect client: " + client.getClientId());
    if (!isDefaultInstance(client)) {

    I'm sure that I have to import com.wowza.wms.sharedobject.* but am otherwise completely ignorant. I am however, anxious to learn!
    The documentation will become more clear to me once I devope some understanding.

    Thank you very much for any help!

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    Take a look at this example:


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    Thank you very much Richard.
    What I need to accomplish if far simpler that the example, although it provides much insight.
    When a user logs in, their RSO property is set to yellow "y"
    When a user connects, their RSO property is set to green "g"
    When they logoff (using a log off button, the RSO property is set to red "r"
    This is reflected in the fillColors of other users buttons (allowing other users to see their "status")
    All of this is done on the client side with no server side coding needed. And, it works very well...
    Since the application (flashphoner) already has an onDisconnect, I want to simply set the property of that users slot to "r" when they close the browser.
    We can't count on users "logging off" before they close the window.
    It may be helpful to tell you that thr RSO itself is named using a substring of the user name (passed by flashphoner as the clientID) ant the slot is their entire user name..

    Again, thank you for taking the time with me Richard!
    I greatly appreciate the help!

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    So this is about user's closing their browser and SharedObject not getting updated. You could create javascript window.onunload function in the html container, then call function in Flash using ExternalInterface to update the SharedObject, and perhaps let you know when it is okay to finish closing.


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    Are there any examples of this readily available Richard?
    Remember, I'm a complete novice....

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    I don't, but the ExternalInterface API is well documented. It's a bridge between Flash AS3 and javascript in player's HTML container.


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    Got it working Richard!
    Thank you for all your help....

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