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Thread: Lag - The big daddy of Wowza troubles

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    Default Lag - The big daddy of Wowza troubles

    I am amazed at Wowza's capabilities and what all it has offered to the world. A whole plethora of services -commercial, personal, non-profit, community and charity, all kind of enhancements for life and the society. However, the only thing which keeps bugging us as developers and is a BIG hurdle moving forward, is the lag when two or multi-way video chat is introduced. I feel everyone facng this issue has already been to but without any significant improvement.

    But I have failed to achieve any respectable results in the last few years as far as two way chat is concerned. This is not a single case scenario. We have had this issue multiple times and each time the lag caused some negative vibes. I am hoping that there is something we can do about this.

    The technical parts:
    1) The settings ensured to be are as per the post
    2) The network is strong (tested on local Gigabit and 100Mbps LAN also)
    3) Same result with high end servers dedicated Xeon Centos x64, 8GB RAM, 1Gigabit port and low end $20 VPS's or x32 desktop systems
    4) Used default, included sample apps for testing - same result
    5) In some cases, using a dedicated graphic card helped, but obviously you cannot ask everyone in the world to get a graphic card.
    6) Tweaked settings as mentioned in other lag/delay related forum posts - like this one and this one and others

    Latency in some cases can be delayed by reducing the camera quality to too low. But considering the trend of high quality being introduced in cheaper cams, this is a bottleneck. The people start giving examples - why does skype work then, or Yahoo Chat or this or that? (I know, Mjpeg and all, but to end user this does not matter)

    The above is a conclusion of about 3+ years working/experimenting on Wowza (v2.0 onwards).

    I wonder how many people are facing this issue and what all has been done by them to resolve, most important, with any success?
    I personally feel this problem is somewhere within the Wowza code itself. Of course, we can blame the player or encoder and even the rain for causing this problem. Competitor products do not indicate such issues.

    And yes, I do have an application immediately which prompted me to try invoke some response. We are using Wowza for a video chat room application something like a remote hospital presentation with junior/trainee doctors, or a language teacher taking up remote students, and many similar ones requiring two way communication.

    Any thoughts, ideas and directions are welcome.

    If this issue could be fixed, I am sure Wowza sales will sore and we could confidently tell people - Yes, Go for Wowza!

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    So do I take it that no one has actually implemented a lag-free two way video chat using Wowza? I really hope someone proves me wrong.


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