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    We have an application running on a Huawei mobile with Android 2.3.6. We are having an issue when we stream video over RTSP from a Wowza media server.

    The video will freeze exactly 5mins after starting.

    Also when we stream the video using HTTP the video will freeze at seemingly random points.

    Any ideas why this might be happening? Could it be a router issue blocking UDP packets after a certain amount of time? Has anyone ever had similar issues?

    We are also testing on a Samsung Galaxy but are having no issues with this device.

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    Troubleshooting streaming issues with specific devices can be quite daunting. Often it's down to the hardware and OS version
    and what is supported by that combination. Some hardware vendors and carriers stay with the OS's default video player, while others
    will provide something different.
    With the 2.3.6 device, I assume you are using rtsp for playback?
    I would start with the troubleshooting guide here:

    See if you can playback reliably from the device using the test link at
    The above is provided on a properly configured test server with a small/simple sample video.
    Start there. If it plays well there, then your server configuration will need reviewing and video/audio encoding formats may need examining with respect to providing the best playback with your specific device.

    With regards to HLS playback on such a device, it's difficult to say how well HLS is supported on that earlier OS and Hardware


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