We have Wowza 3.1.1 with nDVR. We have a number of streams coming in from Axis IP cameras that we make available via the dvr and record for later VoD using the rtp-record setup. We have the dvr setup to delete on restart. However when a camera occasionally drops and the dvr restart we end up with multiple VoD files with names that end with _0.mp4, for example:
myStream.stream_0.mp4 contains the first segment,
myStream.stream_1.mp4 contains the second segment,
myStream.stream.mp4 contains the last segment

Now when I go to play back the VoD it only plays the last file.
Is there a way to get it to start with the first file and then go to the next, etc as if all three had been recorded as one without the camera dropping out?
Alternatively, is there a way to configure such that when a stream restarts, the video is appended to the existing file?
We record approx 15 hours a day and its a real pain when, due to a camera glitch in the last hour, can only see the last hour via VoD.

I've tried loading the multiple files into Final Cut Pro but it refuses to recognize the _*.mp4 files as if they are corrupt, yet they play in QT player. Any ideas?