Hi All,

We are having issues with our Android Application on the Haweui Ascend device Android 2.3. stopping the RTSP stream prematurely. The video seems to freeze at exactly 5 mins into any content we stream. Even when we stream the mobile demo on a different server, Big Buck Bunny video provided by Wowza for testing, it freezes at exactly 5 mins on the device.

Has anyone encountered an error like this before when streaming using an Android device. It appears to be fine when using a Samsung Galaxy S2.

I have added a wifilock to the application, and the logs seem to show an OPTIONS message being logged in the Wowza logs, and don't indicate a TEARDOWN, its as if the data just stops streaming.

Even when we use http progressive download on the device, it appears to stop at around 14 mins always on the Haweui device. I was wondering whether this router related or something?

The other thing to note is, that when I tested from my home network, the rtsp stream played fine right to the end, but another router in another house again stopped prematurely and froze.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.