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Thread: Stream from a DVB-S Video Server to HLS

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    Unhappy Stream from a DVB-S Video Server to HLS


    i am very new to Wowza and have researched about 2 days for solving my problem.

    i wish to Transcode / Reencode my from NextPVR or DVBviewer generated livestream to a HLS Stream.

    From a Stream like:

    to Wowza output:

    if i stream my: in VLC i get a working result with this stream data:

    MPEG-1/2 Video (mpgv)
    Size 720x576
    rate: 50
    Planar 4:2:0 YUV

    My biggest problem is: how to push / deliver this to Wowza

    i have read about the transcoding under:

    also i have looked as a first step on transcode with VLC using the example file with:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc" -vvv "%WMSAPP_HOME%/content/sample.mp4" --sout "#transcode{venc=x264{keyint=60,profile=baseline,level=3.0,nocabac},vcodec=x264,vb=150,scale=0.5,aco dec=mp4a,ab=96,channels=2,samplerate=48000}:rtp{dst=,port=10000,mux=ts}"

    VLC starts up but when i try to get this played on a other device with:

    i only get errors in wowza window like: WARN server comment - HTTPStreamerAdapterCupertinoStreamer.getAppInstance: Stream not found [live/myStream/playlist.m3u8]: myStream

    Could please anyone tell me how to make this work with transcoding my input stream to a HLS output?

    Is there a extra software needed ?

    i am confused after 2 days of research

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    Wowza does not support http source (except SHOUTcast). The only way I know is to use an encoder like VLC. If VLC can play that source, it should work. Take a look at the transcoding examples in this VLC guide:

    And follow this guide to re-stream and playback:


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    Ok I will try this


    Best Regards

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    Hi, i use dummy udp using udp proxy:
    when i get the dvb-s mpegts stream i can play it fine with vlc using:

    now i wanted to test the wowza transcoder , so i decided to ingest my mpegts stream with wowza streamamanager and test the transcoder:

    in stream manager i click on start receiving stream in application i have : live/_definst_ i choose rtp then stream name is: which contain the above url for my headend address and its dumy udp link.
    now stream manager says succesfull,

    so i open vlc and put my wowza address using the rtsp protocol or the http protocol nothing work.

    i get this vlc error:

    VLC can't recognize the input's format:
    The format of '' cannot be detected. Have a look at the log for details.

    how can i know that stream manager is able to connect to my headend and grab the live stream?

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