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Thread: i dont understand load balance setup :(

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    Default i dont understand load balance setup :(

    I want to setup loadbalance between 2 wowza server for shoutcast application.but i dont understand load balance structure.

    I want to first listener connect and listen from first server, next listener connect to second server
    when first server reach the full capacity, than redirect listener to second server.

    i need a understand load balance structure.
    i was read wowza load balance setting up guide. found some codes on this guide, for listener, for edge and for sender.

    what should be a first server ? (Listener, sender, edge ? ) (
    what should be a second server ? (Listener, sender, edge ? )

    is listener code in server xml must be a 2 server or only 2. server ?

    thank you for your help

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    It more like the first. The Load Balancer Listener just returns the "least loaded server" in the edge cluster. If you start out with several servers, it will look like a round-robin, one then the next then the next. If you add a server it will get all the connections for awhile until it has more than one of the other busy server.


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    Thank you Richard

    i need a this answer
    what should be a first server ? (Listener, sender, edge ? ) (
    what should be a second server ? (Listener, sender, edge ? )

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    The Listener can be anywhere really. If you are doing live streaming you might put it on the same server as the origin, but it doesn't matter.

    Each edge must also be a Load Balancer Sender. That is the important pairing

    Best to dig in, get it setup and start testing.

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    now running

    This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
    <lastMessage>1 second 344 milliseconds</lastMessage>
    <redirect>edge server ip</redirect>

    but not redirect any live stream to edge

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    You have to retrieve the least loaded server and do something with it. Typically you do it in the application server as you forming a player.

    Flowplayer and JW player 5 have built-in support for the NetConnection redrect method, which is shown in the LB package readme


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    i was try redirect example in lb package, but this code redirect all connections to edge server.
    I need load balance between two server.
    how can i do this ?

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    Have you set 1 server to be the origin and the other to be the edge (sender)?
    If you only have 2 servers in this configuration you'll have to make 1 an origin/edge so redirecting to itself and the other edge server.

    You need to have multiple edge servers to balance the load, if you only have the one it will get all the load.


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    Now i do it
    Thank you everybody for help.

    loadbalancer wowza stream port : 1935
    edge servers port : 80

    how can i redirect rtmp port 1935 request to rtmp port 80 on edge server ?
    thank you

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