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Thread: livestreaming issue in wowza 3.5

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    Default livestreaming issue in wowza 3.5


    I am in the middle of testing/evaluating wowza streaming server with Flash media encoder by using rtmp stream. Until today I got some issue regarding its function in livestreaming;

    1. When I setup the wowza and FME , and starting to watch livestream, the playback flash player will stop after few seconds/minutes. is it because of the buffer time? or the term live actually just play ffom the realtime recorded video and re-stream to the client in <wowzastreamingserver>/content?
    2. When I stop flash player and re-play, it will stream the video starting from the beginning of encoding, and not the real live event.
    3. I still can`t manage connection through flash httpplayer . is there any configuration I have missed?

    Thank you


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    Hi Nicxs,
    When you say "stop after a few seconds/minutes" - does it mean it freezes and may or may not start playing again (from the beginning)? If yes, I would check the configuration again. From my experience, you may have created the Application.xml file in the application/<applicationname> folder and not in conf/<applicationname> or maybe the conf/<applicationname> folder is not there.

    I would also check the connectivity to ensure there are no network issues.

    Hope that helps,
    Inderjeet S Sodhi

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