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    Good day! I apologize for the frequently asked question, but I can not understand myself. Read the whole forum, but have not found a solution. There multicast mpeg-2, trying to transcode it to h264. And to set up .
    In Wowza Media Systems \ Wowza Media Server 3.5.0 \ examples \ LiveVideoStreaming \ FlashRTMPPlayer \ player.html I enter the stream name - no picture. The report says:
    INFO session connect-pending -
    INFO session connect -
    INFO stream create -
    INFO stream play -
    INFO stream stop -
    Tell me what to do?

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    It appears you have attempting to connect directly to the MPEG2 stream, Wowza is ingesting it via the , however the transcoder should be producing a stream called mpegts.stream_720p or perhaps mpegts.stream_360p, which should be H264.

    A MPEG2 inbound stream can not be played directly.


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