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Thread: RTMP live stream to Smooth Stream

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    Default RTMP live stream to Smooth Stream

    Hi ,
    I am trying to stream video from my webcam to mobile devices like windows phone/windows 8 store applications(tablet). I am able to setup the live as from the examples and is also able to stream it on to a web browser via the rtmp protocol. Now since the windows phone/8 app platform does not support rtmp, I am looking to publish this live via smooth streaming.

    Is there any way that I can convert the existing rtmp stream via Smooth Streaming.
    I am quite new to this, so might be missing something that is very basic.

    Any pointers/information is much appreciated

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    The configuration and playback URLs for Smooth streaming are included in each of the tutorials. Are you using a Live RTMP encoder? If so, follow this guide:


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