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Thread: Creating a Logging module

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    Default Creating a Logging module

    I'm about to start on a module that will be used to log certain stats every few seconds, however I can't seem to find any examples to help me begin the process. Everything I have found utilizes events or HTTProviders that fire off when something happens or a user connects to a URL. How might I go about just beginning the process(creating the project in the IDE, the new module wizard gives me options to create event methods, but nothing that just runs once) of just creating a module that would just run once at server start time and I would just run a loop every few seconds to log the info that I need?

    Appreciate the help, let me know if I didn't describe what I'm looking for well enough.

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    I don't have my own code in front of me to reference, but you would start by creating a class that implements IServerListener (and adding it to the ServerListeners in Server.xml), and that class should have a Timer private variable. You need another class that subclasses TimerTask that will do the logging functionality. The Timer will be set to run() the TimerTask object and that's where you do your logging code.

    If you need more specifics just ask.

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    Here is a good starting place:


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    Perfect, I think I can wrap my head around this now, thanks guys.

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