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Thread: Using connectioncounts w/authentication - strange result

  1. Default Using connectioncounts w/authentication - strange result

    Based on this article, I set the authentication method of the HTTPConnectionCountsXML to "admin-basic". But when I browse to http://domain.tld:8086/connectioncounts, the only output is
    Wowza Media Server 3 Perpetual Edition 3.5.0 build2989
    Strangely enough, both "admin-digest" and "none" work fine (they give me the XML with the applications, streams, etc.), but I need to read the xml with PHP's simplexml_load_file() method, which doesn't work with digest auth.

    Here's an excerpt of the configuration in conf/VHost.xml

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    It works for me with "admin-basic". If I don't supply credentials inline the challenge comes up, if I do the xml comes up. If you are seeing the Wowza version and build, which is the output of HTTPServerVersion, you may have moved the HTTPConnectionCountsXML to the last position, below HTTPServerVersion which is a catchall.


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    Thank you for your quick reply. I think the problem lies in some caching, because restarting the Wowza service twice and clearing the cache in the local browser helped. Strange though ... I guess you can delete this thread unless it might be of interest to others.

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    Great. Glad it's working. Thanks for the update. We can leave the thread


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