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    Default Log Files


    How can I configure log files, so they can be the same as Flash Media Server?

    Thank You

    Jack Gelin

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    The default configuration of the logs is supposed to match FMS very closely. What is different? I need more details of what you are trying to do and what is or is not working.


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    Default Log files


    I am trying to use two programs. One is SAWMILL and another one is Webtrends. I can't use awstats, because it's public domain program.

    Both (SAWMILL and Webtrends) support Flash Media Server Logfiles. When I run Sawmill I am getting a message unknown format. When I run Webtrends, it doesn't see any activity.

    I guess I would need to compare both (Wowza and FMS) logs and see the difference.

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    Which one would you prefer to use? I can quickly take a look at one of them and follow-up with the other one later.

    Why is awstats a problem? Why does the fact that its public domain cause a problem?


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    Default Logs


    I would prefer FMS logs format. The client doesn't allow to put non commerical software on their servers.

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    OK, it will take me a few days to work through this. I will get back to you.


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