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Thread: Wowza VOD's latency grows with played movie size

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    Default Wowza VOD's latency grows with played movie size


    Our Wowza servers are running smoothly in development and we recently created a production deployment. We ran into the issue of long delays before VOD streams start to play. Our setup is Wowza on EC2 using cupertino streaming with iPad + MPMoviePlayerController for the client side.

    The servers aren't sterile development servers. People use them from time to time so there's background load not under our control (there aren't more than 50 subscribers at once on a server for sure).

    Here are some data points:
    We tested several movies and checked for delay (in seconds) as a function of the movie's duration. Here is a graph:

    We stopped VOD taking longer than 120 seconds. So every 120 seconds measurement should be considered as a timeout.

    The logs don't have anything related (as far as I can tell). We are using Wowza 3.0.

    There's a vague connection between movie duration and buffering time.

    I want to reduce buffering time. As I understand in the forum up to 10 seconds is what I should expect in a healthy configuration.

    What am I missing? Any settings I should check? Either at Wowza or MPMoviePlayerController?

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    If you've mounted S3 as a partition it could be slow because standard disk speeds may not fast enough to serve all your clients.
    You're more than likely going to need to use MediaCache to get the content from the vod store if this is the case.

    EC2 has an application called vods3 which is configured with MediaCache by default.
    Is vods3 the application you're using?


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    Thanks Jason,

    That was very observant of you. I was indeed mounting the media from S3 and I used the standard vod app.
    I switched to vods3 and latency went down to 10 seconds which is spectacular.

    Is there a similar solution for Live streams? We use those as well. Should I expect the S3 mount to become a bottleneck with Live Streams too?

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    For live streams use the Live Stream Repeater (origin/edge)


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