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Thread: wowza server side API

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    Default wowza server side API

    I 'm looking for some classes and methods that can help me :
    -show the url of the live or vod videos in the the client application.
    -show the video thumbnails in the the client application.
    -Save some data with the video and getting them back.
    I read the wowza server side API but i could not find what i'm looking for .
    Can you help me please ?

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    If you are developing a Flash RTMP client, take a look at the ServerSideModules example in the /examples folder where Wowza is installed. This is a great working reference for Flash RTMP/Wowza applications, and Flash RTMP clients are the best way to accomplish your 3rd bullet.

    Take a look at this example for getting snapshots from live streams:

    The client has to already know what the Wowza address is, so you can display that anyway you want.


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    Hi Richard
    What i'm looking for actually is some java code for the wowza server side not some xml code.Can you help me with that please,any sort of advice or pointers will be appreciated.
    Thanks alot

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