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Thread: Wowza Media Server behind protected network

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    Default Wowza Media Server behind protected network

    Dear Support,

    we have a big problem about the wowza license.
    We have to install the wowza media server behind a network that cannot reach the internet.
    This is a big problem ? there's an option to avoid the license checking ?



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    Wowza does provide a license key that does not require Internet access for periodic check-ins to our license servers. This license configuration is available by request only and are approved on a case-by-case basis. You can request a this special license key by sending an e-mail to Please reference the name your Wowza account is registered under and the last 10 digits of the license key you're currently using to get the process started.

    Does your LAN have a proxy server for browsing the web from the internal network?

    For a system which is behind a firewall, our software offers a mechanism which uses a normal web proxy server (via port 80) to facilitate our software's need to "phone home" to our license usage tracking application. Instructions are posted here: How to configure Wowza Media Server to use proxy server to communicate with license server

    We currently use this licensing tracking/validation mechanism with about 45% of the world's CDN industry, at many universities, and various large corporations in every industry (including some very large multi-national banks). KT (Korea Tel), IBM and CERN are specific examples of customers who use our software in their network applications with this phone-home ability enabled.

    Please let me know if you need further information.


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    We cannot make the license validation via network because the wowza must be installed inside a Protected Network of a Italian Police.
    So if we can make this type of attivation (offline validation), otherwise we cannot make the project with wowza.
    This is very important.


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