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Thread: Smooth HLS transition

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    Default Smooth HLS transition

    Hi everyone,

    I have a possible answer to an issue and I would like your opinion. So basically, when I play an HLS stream on iOS, the transition between two streams of different quality is not smooth. The player plays twice the last 10 seconds in the new quality.

    I suspect that it's related to the ID3 tags in each TS file. As it's explained here, the player needs those tags to match the content between two variant streams. On the other hand, we generate ourself the m3u8 playlist containing the different qualities. I know it's not the proper way but we have no other choice. For each content, we have 2 different streams coming from Akamai (normal quality and hd quality). So what we do is pulling those streams and let wowza chunk them. The result is two m3u8 playlists containing the chunks that we insert in our homemade multi-bitrate playlists. Quick paper representation here:

    So my questions are:
    • Does iOS player really use the ID3 tags to match the content of two variant streams?
    • Does wowza generate ID3 tags?
    • Is it possible that as Wowza doesn't encode the HD stream into two different qualities by itself, well the timestamps in the ID3 tag don't match perfectly explaining the 20 seconds loop?

    Thanks for your help, hope it makes sense.

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    First, take a look at this method of debugging key frame alignment


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