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Thread: Flowplayer Wowza Security

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    Default Flowplayer Wowza Security


    I am asking this question on this forum with the hope that someone has implemented this before.

    Basically, I want to use Flowplayer to play back a live stream, but as far as I can tell, we have to supply the rtmp stream url to flowplayer. We want to limit the access the stream to ticket holders therefore displaying this url in public is a security flaw for us. Has anyone been able to figure out how to do this?

    Many thanks for any responses

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    If you have Flowplayer embedded in your website, you can use the Secure Token module found here,

    The Wowza StreamLock™ AddOn is also worth looking into for securing your site and its content.
    StreamLock™ AddOn can be found here,

    You can also use Hotlink denial which can be found here,

    If your site successfully ensures that a user can only login once at a time (i.e. the same user can't login twice at the same time) and you use the above methods of security this will significantly reduce the ability of content theft.


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