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Thread: WebcamRecording Tutorial on another server

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    Default WebcamRecording Tutorial on another server

    I'm trying to use the webcam recording tutorial but I'm not having much luck. When I view the player.html on my server, it looks like things are working, however I can't actually use it as my server has no webcam plugged into it (and I'm not driving across the country to plug in a webcam!) I thought no problem, I'll just copy the FlashRTMPPlayer directory to a web server so that I can pull up the page on my local machine's browser. When I do that, the flash movie fails to load. Where have I gone wrong?


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    You can use an encoder to publish the stream from your webcam on your local machine (PC) to the server without having to physically plug it into the server.
    You can find a tutorial for RTMP based encoders here,

    The link will point you to the publish section which should help you get started.
    Be sure to read the rest of the tutorial to enable the required playback.

    Note : You can keep the StreamType as live-record in the Application.xml if you are wanting to record the live stream for use in a video on demand application.


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