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Thread: Client and NetConnections IdleFrequency

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    Default Client and NetConnections IdleFrequency

    What is the purpose of setting the IdleFrequency for both Client and NetConnections to 250ms? Four TCP packets per second seems like a lot, especially when you have 200 clients or more. What impact would setting this to a higher value, such as 500ms or 1000ms, have on performance for a live streaming application?

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    The consequence of making the IdleFrequency longer is that the delay on the stream will be longer.

    Making the delay longer will a cut the CPU a little slack so it won't be working as hard.
    The end user be able to tell the difference as they can't see the time delay between publishing and playing.

    I recommend keeping both Client IdleFrequency and NetConnections IdleFrequency the same.
    1000ms (1 second) seems high to me but that's up to you to test and decide for yourself.

    Let us know how you get on.


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