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Thread: VOD for iPad (Newbie question)

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    I am a bit of a Wowza newbie. My company produces webcasts using proprietary software we developed, which is hosted with AWS. Currently we are using the Amazon Adobe FMS, but I am interested in moving to Wowza for a variety of reasons. Mainly, Wowza's ability to take a single file for VOD, and stream to any device. However, I noticed that the default format that Wowza saves is an FLV file. Am I correct in assuming that if we save as an FLV, it will not work for IOS devices? If we prefer to broadcast our On Demand content to most browsers as FLV (and need an MP4 to be saved to broadcast on demand content to IOS), can Wowza save live broadcasts in both formats simultaneously?

    I apologize if this question has been answered elsewhere. I searched all day and couldn't find any definitive answers.

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    In your encoder, you can prefix the stream name with mp4: which will tell wowza to save the stream as a proper mp4 file. Eg. mp4:streamname would get recorded as streamname.mp4.

    You can also use the LiveStreamRecord functionality to set more options with recording compared to the default record options.

    See for articles on recording.


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