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Thread: How to manage transcode config dynamicly or programmaticly

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    Question How to manage transcode config dynamicly or programmaticly


    My Customer can do these ?

    1) Set up their needs from a webpage . Create their transcode /transrate template and they can group them like mobile,web,tablet ...
    2) After that they will publish a live stream and my wowzas which are configured as origin/edge infrastructure. Origin will pull the config ( transcode.xml/transrate.xml) from database and organise transcoding operation dynamicly.

    I have 1 one application and all my customer will use this application to stream.

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    Yes, this is possible but very complicated to do.
    I can't find the article that I was looking for that you may have found useful but I'll post again if I do find it.


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    Hi Jason,

    I organised this like that :

    1) Get config about transcode ( stream name, framesize,fitmode .. ) from user and save it to database.
    2) When user wants to publish stream use config to create a xml file (transcode template for user stream ) onPublish method.
    3) If user changes the config it is not problem . When IMediaStreamActionNotify2 onPublish method execute it will overwrite the xml.

    This scenario is my theory. What do you think ?

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