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Thread: RTSP on HTC Droid Incredible - audio works, but video is black

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    Default RTSP on HTC Droid Incredible - audio works, but video is black

    Just picked up an old HTC Droid Incredible, Android 2.3.3 running on the Gingerbread kernel.

    When I try to play Wowza's own direct RTSP demo video (over wifi -- phone has no data plan), I get audio but no video (black screen):

    Is this just not a supported device? If so, any reason why? Or is there any way to troubleshoot this further?

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    I am pretty sure that Android 2.3.3 does support rtsp stream from Wowza. But that mobile test page is there to see what works with ideal content, network and application configuration. So if it doesn't work with that stream, that particular device at least might not work.


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    Thanks. Just installed a VLC nightly build and that seems to play it OK, so I guess it's just the built-in Android media player on this device. Oh well.

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    I am trying to stream to android 4.0+ but it cuts out after only 3 minutes of my 20-minute stream. Not sure why since the demo works fine

    my rtsp request is: rtsp://

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    It sounds like the client is timing out for some reason, you can test the same content using VLC player and the RTSP link above.
    If VLC doesn't time out then it may be the client that isn't sending the correct keep alive.


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    yea, the test stream works, but our hosted stream does not. what's the correct "keep alive" that the client needs to send and how do i get my customer to make sure they have that set up correctly?

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