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Thread: MPEG-TS output with idle frames

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    Default MPEG-TS output with idle frames

    Hey all,

    I believe with the multicastpublish plugin I can have an MPEG-TS output pushed from the box. However, I was wondering if there was a way to have that done with idle frames to help prevent the bursty nature of video? This is sometimes also known as idle cells. Basically it pads the video with dummy data making it so a 2Mbps stream will always take 2Mbps even if the video is going between 1.6Mbps and 1.9Mbps.

    Trying to see if we can't make a firewall a bit happier. Any options when it comes to pushing out MPEG-TS from Wowza?



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    I checked, there is not an option to do this


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