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Thread: Wowza gone from AWS marketplace...!

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    Default Wowza gone from AWS marketplace...!

    I've been using Wowza from the AWS marketplace for a while now and today I went to launch a new instance and it's gone...the bookmark I have for Wowza in AWS marketplace lists 0 products.

    The issue is that with marketplace I get a consolidated invoice listing all service which I can access programmatically, but with Amazon Payments its a separate invoice which totally messes up the company's fraud checker...when will Wowza be back in the marketplace...please...?

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    Eventually, it is my understanding, Wowza will again offer an AWS offering on Marketplace. Meanwhile, if you know the Marketplace AMI ID you had been using, you should still be able to manually launch new instances. I have no time frame for re-introducing Wowza on AWS Marketplace.

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    Wowza Media Server is now available again on AWS Marketplace, now with support for Amazon CloudFront. Please see the AWS tutorial on using Wowza Media Server. More information about CloudFront integration with Wowza Server can be found here.


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    Cool stuff!!!

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