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Thread: Tunning nDVR playback

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    Default Tunning nDVR playback

    Hi there .... I need help tuning http flash playback of nDVR content. When I play same content using HLS (either IPAD or Roku or VLC player) it works perfect and smooth. On same network, from different PCs, when streaming using flash, the same content keeps freezing but not for buffering but for audio and video coming out of sync and player stopping video to catch up with audio.
    Is there any settings to tune this up?


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    I'm also facing the same problem in nDVR. live and vod video is stalling and play in a PCs, browser when use the nDVR.

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    if it helps, I overcame my issue increasing buffering values on player quite a bit and not using lates video player that comes with version 3.0.5 ... that one doesn't work well ... I kept using the old version one, and with bigger buffer values works much better

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