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Thread: Can't Restream from Video Server

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    Default Can't Restream from Video Server

    I have a very weird problem.

    I can watch the stream (both video and audio) through VLC.
    But I can't re-stream from the wowza server.
    The video encoding is H.264 and the sound is G.711.

    Is there any possible reason to cause such a problem?
    I tried transcoder but it didn't work, though the other video server worked well.

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    You can find a tutorial on how to re-stream from an IP camera here,

    A .stream file example can be found in the link above.


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    You should be able to playback on Flash RTMP and HTTP clients, but I don't think g711 will work in other clients (iOS, Silverlight, Android). The Wowza Transcoder will transcode g711 to aac.


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