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Thread: Smooth Streaming with 2sec chunks

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    Default Smooth Streaming with 2sec chunks

    I have some content with 2sec chunks for various bitrates in ismv files.

    So i have almsot 6 bitrates with 6 ismv file and each have 2 sec chunked data.

    I also have ism file as manifest.

    Now, when i try to play tht with Wowza, server gives the error as unable to play as manifest got error.

    When i play with some other media server it works fine.

    I am playing on RHEL.

    ANy debug info for that will be helpful

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    Are you using "smil:" prefix for the ism file?



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    yeah, i am using the smil prefix but still the same error:

    Streaming Error: Caught exception trying to parse main manifest: At least one media stream is needed, none are declared in the manifest.

    Error log shows the NullPointerException..! not sure what exactly is causing the issue..!

    Also, when i play the mp4 file, it works well with the following URL:

    in the same location, I have copied the ismv file and ism files. Now, i play the following URL: then it shows the error:

    Streaming Error: Caught exception trying to parse main manifest: At least one media stream is needed, none are declared in the manifest.
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    If you are encoding multiple bit rate versions to one ismv file, which you can do with Expression 4 Encoder, that won't work in Wowza. They need to be separate files.

    We really don't recommend this encoding path using Expression 4 Encoder. It can work, but the .ismv files are fragmented mp4 files and incur substantial added overhead, especially right at the beginning of client playback.

    Take a look at this guide to encoding vod content, which includes pre-sets for E4E

    E4E does not produce ism files using this method, you will have to make a smil file. If you are targeting iOS it is a good idea to add codec and resolution info to the smil:


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    Nopes, there are multiple bitrates file, each file for each bitrate but they are chunked as 2 sec chunks. The issue i see is that hte player is not able to read the manifest at all as when i open the URL it shows some default xml:

    This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
    <SmoothStreamingMedia MajorVersion="2" MinorVersion="1" Timescale="10000000" Duration="0"></SmoothStreamingMedia>

    which is not mine. So, do you see nay particular configuration issue which i may need to solve by putting some change sin Application.xml or something.

    Also, i have edited my above comment with more details which may help.

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    Hm, empty manifest, duration is "0".

    Does sample.mp4 work in your setup? http://localhost:1935/vod/mp4:sample.mp4/Manifest

    Do you get a proper manifest from one of the ismv files? Use mp4: prefix like this: http://localhost:1935/vod/mp4:yourVideo.ismv/Manifest


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