Hi there,

First of all, I am not an expert at all ....

At the site http://kab.tv (mms://wms1.nl.kab.tv/heb or http://wms1.nl.kab.tv/heb) there is an everyday 3-hour lecture that my 2 friends and I want to translate it in REAL TIME to another language. IMPORTANT to know: all of us sit DIFFERENT places.

Our intention is to stream LIVE the original video/audio mentioned above TOGETHER WITH our LIVE sound (i.e. with "our dubbing") to the website of us, so as the one that wants to see the LIVE "dubbed" lecture could see it through our site (I suppose through an embedded window media player). I hope I expressed myself well.

So my question is what do you reccomend us to do? It is important to remember that we DO NOT sit next the same PC. The only solution is to use gotomeeting or to create an internet radio for our sound. Unless - of course - you recommened differently

In summary, how to make a LIVE broadcast through our site a video stream TOGETHER with an additional sound stream (i.e with the translatiors sound who ARE NOT the same place.

Note, that our additional porpose is to save these streams as well.

thank in advance for your advice!