I have a stream for each day of the week (years) like this:

<stream name="StreamMW"></stream>

<playlist name="pl1" playOnStream="StreamMW" repeat="false" scheduled="2013-03-11 06:50:00">
<video src="liveMW.stream" start="-2" length="-1"/>

<playlist name="pl2" playOnStream="StreamMW" repeat="true" scheduled="2013-03-11 08:10:00">
<video src="mp4:MW-Mon.mp4" start="0" length="-1"/>

<playlist name="pl3" playOnStream="StreamMW" repeat="false" scheduled="2013-03-12 06:50:00">
<video src="liveMW.stream" start="-2" length="-1"/>

<playlist name="pl4" playOnStream="StreamMW" repeat="true" scheduled="2013-03-12 08:10:00">
<video src="mp4:MW-Tue.mp4" start="0" length="-1"/>

works fine but...
How can I avoid changing every week my playlist and add the following days of next week?
Can I do, for example, like this: scheduled="2013-03-* 08:10:00"