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Thread: Log Files - missing file length (max duration)

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    Default Log Files - missing file length (max duration)

    Hi, I am currently working with the log files from wowza to create a few metrics.
    I was wondering if it was normal that some of my videos doesn't have their file length on some part of the log, and other it does
    and some of them jsut doesn't have the file length at all.
    Is there a way to correct this?

    thank you!

    Edit :
    I have got a few log files which were not readable (I can open them with excel and its all ok excel for the few first lines, but with notepad, I only see squares) any clues?
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    Look for log rows with x-event "destroy", and look at x-duration and sc-bytes (server to client bytes) for playback streams, and cs-bytes (client to server bytes) for publishing clients.

    Remember that sessions can span log files, i.e., not have a x-event "destroy" in the same file as the x-event "play" for a c-client-id. And it is possible for "destroy" rows to be missing, from bad shutdown for example.

    Not sure about the log file opening like that in notepad. Is it somehow utf-8 encoded?


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