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    Default Number of incoming RTSP streams


    we're using rtp-live publishing point type for getting streams from IP cameras. I found somewhere in this forum that there is a limit of 100 incoming RTSP (=IP cameras) streams on a single server. If this is true how can we get current number of incoming streams? It's not in serverinfoXML and also I haven't found it in other variables.


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    There is not a hard limit but incoming streams are limited by cpu and ram. To get 100+ streams you need a late model dual quad and 8 - 16g ram, 64bit OS/Java, adequate bandwidth of course and a well tuned Wowza configuration:


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    And is there any counter/variable how to monitor the number of pulling RTSP streams from IP cameras?

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    No idea?

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    Take a look at the serverinfo and connectioncounts HTTPProviders.

    This is another approach that shows a graph:

    You should be able to find Published MediaCaster streams and graph those, I think, because "MediaCaster" is in the /conf/Server.xml /AdminInterface /ObjectList, which is what is exposed in JConsole.


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