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Thread: Server stream and synchronization issue

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    Default Server stream and synchronization issue


    I'm streaming video from video file on wowza for two users and have problem with desynchronization.

    I'm creating stream on wowza, like this:

    Stream stream1 = Stream.createInstance(vhost, "Streamly",streamname);
    Playlist playlist = new Playlist(playlistName);
    playlist.addItem(filename, 0, -1);;

    So I expect to have all viewers to be in sync. Everything seems to be OK when I start watching from two flash clients this stream. But if I slow down internet speed for one of the flash clients (using NetLimiter for example) and after some time return normal speed back, both clients are not in sync (around 3-4 seconds delay between videos on flash clients).

    Could you let me know if it is possible to have all clients to be in sync and how it can be achieved?

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    There is really no way to guarantee synchronized playback in clients. There are too many factors, mostly network factors, like what your test emulates.


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