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Thread: Ability to play Smil (m3u8) via Flash

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    Default Ability to play Smil (m3u8) via Flash


    We are building an application using Flash Player/AIR, and the Wowza server only sends a m3u8 playlist for a smil url. Is there any possibility to play the stream using Flash, since this is not natively supported?

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    Flash RTMP clients only support RTMP Dynamic Streaming. JW Player does this and has an integration with Wowza server-side smil, which is transformed to its client-side smil. The 2nd example here demonstrates that:

    Flash HTTP clients that use the OSMF framework can play HDS (sanjose) streams. You can use the FlashHTTPPlayer examples that ship with Wowza or Flowplayer or Flash Playback Player


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