I'm a newbie for wowza server. I use flowplayer for implement Wowza Server on my pc (Window) it's work. But when I upload all script on live server (CentOS) it doesn't work. There are this error message "[ERROR] time 00:31:00.921 :: 201, Unable to load stream or clip file, connection failed, clip: '[Clip] 'mp4:sample.mp4''

I'm sure that I start a service WowzaMedia service already. And there are sample.mp4 in [install-wowza-server-dir]/content

Below is flowplayer code that I implement.

$f("wowza", "flowplayer-3.2.15.swf", {

clip: {
url: 'mp4:sample.mp4',
scaling: 'fit',
autoPlay: false,
provider: 'hddn'

// streaming plugins are configured under the plugins node
plugins: {

hddn: {
url: "flowplayer.rtmp-3.2.11.swf",

netConnectionUrl: 'rtmp://localhost/vod'

How I solved it ?

Thank you.