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Thread: Bandwidth Maxing?

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    Default Bandwidth Maxing?

    I am running a live webcast (as we speak) first using a c1.medium and now a m1.xlarge, and both seem to be maxing out at around 60 Mbps (which is well below the bandwidth I expected). CPU utilization is very low, so I am wondering if there are any suggestions to fix this problem. I know I can use load balancing, but this seems odd.

    Viewers are getting a "Error loading Stream: Could not connect to server"


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    Checked the error logs and they showed "over license limit". I didn't realize there was a license limit for the DevPay License? I am just using the prebuilt AMI's.
    Please advise.

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    This message will occur if you are using a license key (lickey) AMI and do not replace with your own perpetual or subscription license key and go over the limit. Please check that you have selected the correct AMI type.


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