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Thread: questions about transcoder..

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    Default questions about transcoder..

    i have a montly license with wowza.. id like to add transcoder to that.. i cant find out how to do that..?? :S

    i want to transcode 5 channels to 360p and 160p

    i have incoming udp streams of 1100kbs each

    how is it best to trascode is it done with cpu, gpu or can i do both? what requirments is it for those 5 streams? thanks

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    This guide shows how to re-stream mpeg-ts source:

    This shows how to set up Wowza Transcoder:

    And this article has results from Wowza Transcoder benchmarking tests:


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    thanks i know how to use the transcoder ive done some tests when i was running on trial now im paying for it montly and i want to know how i can add transcoder to the license

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    can anyone help me please... ive been trying to buy this transcoder for 3 days

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    If you have a Perpetual license, you can purchase addons here:

    You will get a serial key(s) for the purchase which are added to the /conf/Server.license file, one line for eaach

    If you have a subscription license, you just use the Transcoder. You will be billed at the end of the month for usage. The pricing for Subscription is shown on the pricing page, click on "Addon Pricing" in the Daily or Monthly Subscription.


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